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Bridgeport Islamic Community Center (BICC) is a tax-exempt, non-profit, religious organization established exclusively for religious, educational and charitable purposes. Our vision is to build a strong and coherent Islamic community where its members represent the Islamic faith by implementing and practicing the values our religion teaches which are committed to the dignity and prosperity of every human being.

BICC’s mission is to serve the religious needs of all Muslims in the Greater Bridgeport area and ensure their integration in the American society.

Our goals include, but are not limited to:

  1. Helping Muslims increase their knowledge and understanding of Islam and offering resources for those who are interested in learning about the Islamic faith.
  2. Promoting Islamic education for new Muslim generations and creating a constructive Islamic environment for our youth.
  3. Providing Islamic social and cultural services to the Muslim community.
  4. Educating and encouraging members of the Muslim community on ways to integrate in their American community and become active and productive members of the same while maintaining their Islamic identity.
  5. Assisting Muslims and non-Muslims in the community who are in need of different kinds of support.
  6. Supporting and participating in interfaith dialogue among various faith groups.
  7. Participating in all outreach programs that support the poor and the needy in the Greater Bridgeport area.