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  • Fill out the application online.
  • Submit an updated self-portrait with the application.
  • We organize profiles accordingly based on age, gender, and preference information you provide.
  • Find matches based on compatibilities.
  • Contact candidates via email to give a brief introduction and exchange photos.
  • candidates will be notified if there is a mutual consent to meet in person.
  • A confidential meeting time will be arranged for the candidates to meet for 30-45 minutes in a private space located in the masjid with a qualified moderator.
  • After this meeting, matched candidates can decide how they want to move forward.  Simply notify us if you wish for us to keep looking for a compatible match.

Depending upon the number of applicants please allow us up to 6 weeks to get back to you.


  • I confirm that I am 18 or older.
  • I certify that I am unmarried.
  • I hereby certify that the information I am providing is true, correct, and complete in every respect.
  • I will promptly inform BICC Matrimonial service of any changes in the information provided.
  • I authorize BICC Matrimonial service to utilize the information provided by me according to the needs of the service.
  • I pledge to keep all the information given to me by BICC Matrimonial confidential.
  • I promise to inform BICC Matrimonial Services as soon as a marriage takes place.
  • I will not hold BICC responsible in the case that a potential match provides false information or if the marriage fails for any reason..
  • I understand that this service serves as a platform only to connect families together and that each family is responsible for conducting a background check on potential candidates on their own.