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Bridgeport Islamic Community Center

BICC Committees

The Bridgeport Islamic Community Center (BICC) believes that building a solid and vibrant Islamic community requires the involvement and engagement of all the community members in the governance of the Center. BICC encourages all community members to actively participate in different BICC committees that govern the Center and serve the community. For more information about committees’ roles and participation as a volunteer on any committee, please email the coordinator or the co-coordinator of the specific committee.

Community Participation in Committees

The following are a few qualities to consider in any prospective committee volunteer:

  1. Works well with others

  2. Respect for BICC Board and the Imam

  1. Sister’s Affairs Committee

Coordinator: Sherien Moussa (

Co-Coordinator: Sunila Fadl (

Co-Coordinator: Reem Hadid (

  • Develop, plan, and conduct activities for sisters, including social, sports, cultural, and educational events

  • Meet the Islamic and social needs of the women who attend BICC activities, including Islamic resources for mothers, women’s fitness, and lectures specifically for women, etc.
  1. Events Committee

Coordinator: Sayeed Chowdhury ( )

Co-Coordinator: Mohannad Abuzneid ( )

Co-Coordinator: Budi Lubis ( )

  • Provide and organize facilities and programs for indoor and outdoor sports, recreation, entertainment, picnics, and outdoor activities
  • Arrange social visits between different Muslim communities
  • Provide cultural, social, and sports activities for the children, adults, and families, including Eid activities, family nights, health/blood drives at BICC, civic engagement, fine arts classes (like calligraphy), picnics, fitness and sports tournaments, job networking, drugs awareness, etc.

  1. Youth Committee

Coordinator: Youssef Hassan ( )

Co-Coordinator: Sh. Mohamed Abdelati ( )

Co-Coordinator: Loay Aljamal (

  • Coordinate activities with both the Education committee and the Events Committee

  • Arrange fun and convivial events to bring the community together
  • Provide and organize facilities and programs for indoor and outdoor sports, and recreation, entertainment, picnics and outdoor activities
  • Provide cultural, social, and sports activities for youth
  • Arrange social visits between different Muslim communities
  • Involve and help with BICC activities: Eid activities, family nights, health/blood drives at BICC, civic engagement, fine arts classes (like calligraphy and woodwork), picnics, fitness and sport tournaments, job networking, drug awareness, etc…

  • Arrange for volunteers to support different BICC activities

  1. Outreach and Da’wah Committee

Coordinator: Aziz Seyal ( )

Co-Coordinator: Sh. Mohamed Abdelati ( )

Co-Coordinator: Budi Lubis ( )

Co-Coordinator: Mostafa Hassan (

  • To promote a clear understanding of the basic principles of Islam 
  • Promote Islam to non-Muslims
  • Build strong relations with new reverts, establish a database, and keep them involved in the masjid activities and be present regularly in the Center
  • Participate in activities with other religious institutions, civil rights groups, and political organizations
  • Cooperate with other organizations to promote Islam, such as MSA at different universities

  • The committee will be responsible for teaching and following the progress of those who newly accepted Islam

  1. Funeral committee

Coordinator: Sh. Mohamed Abdelati ( )

Co-Coordinator: Aziz Seyal ( )

Co-Coordinator: Youssef Hassan ( )

The committee is responsible for completing arrangements for the funerals, including

  • contacting the funeral home

  • arranging brothers and sisters to wash bodies,

  • arranging coffin clothing, soap, perfume, and other stuff needed,

  • contacting the graveyard, accompanying to the graveyard, and handling financials

  1. Food Pantry Committee

Coordinator: Budi Lubis ( )

Co-Coordinator: Mohamed Hamada ( )

  • Efficient operation of the food pantry and soup kitchen, including
    • Social room cleanness
    • food storage
    • food delivery
  • Keeping a fiscally responsible budget that does not depend on the Center
  1. Education Committee

Coordinator: Loay Aljamal (

Co-Coordinator: Sh. Mohamed Abdelati ( )

Co-Coordinator: Khaled Elleithy (

  • Develop programs to meet the religious needs of Muslims in conformity with Islamic beliefs based on the Qur’an and Sunnah
  • Formulate an elaborate breadth of Islamic education for BICC constituency
  • Encourage Muslims to learn and practice basic and higher-level knowledge of Islam
  • Facilitate classes (by resident and visiting scholars), lectures, workshops, seminars, and topics as: Qur’an, Sunnah, Seerah, Tafseer, Islamic history, Hadith, Usul ul-Fiqh, Aqeedah, Arabic studies, etc.
  • Develop plans for weekend school and after-school programs
  1. Building Committee

Coordinator: Samer Hiba ( )

Co-Coordinator: Mohannad Abuzneid ( )

Co-Coordinator: Khaled Elleithy (

  • Supervise construction projects approved by the Board
  • Ensure buildings’ safety and security
  • Ensure buildings’ maintenance
  • Supervise and work with the cleaning staff
  • Scheduling of events in the Social Room and Conference Room
  • Make special arrangements and adjustments according to the seasonal changes and climate requirements
  • Make necessary upgrades for audio/video equipment in the Center
  1. Technology Committee

Coordinator: Mohannad Abuzneid ( )

Co-Coordinator: Sayeed Chowdhury ( )

Co-Coordinator: Khaled Elleithy (

  • Review and approve BICC’s technology planning and strategy
  • Review significant technology investments and expenditures
  • Monitor and evaluate existing and future trends in technology that may affect BICC’s strategic plans, including monitoring of overall industry trends.
  1. Matrimonial Committee

Coordinator: Mohamed Abdelati

Co-coordinator: Br. Aziz Sayel

Co-Coordinator: Sherien Moussa (

  • The committee is responsible for helping the community’s young boys and girls to get married Islamically. A webpage on the website will invite parents or candidates to fill up the data. Then the committee should interview the candidates for more information and try to match them with suitable candidates if needed.